Precious Life Spring Newsletter 2020


Precious Life Banquet/Breakfast  

 Hey, pro-life Central PA!!!! It’s that time of year again. The 35th Annual Precious Life Banquet/Breakfast will soon be upon us. This year’s theme will be “Moving Forward.” We will not be having a “special speaker” this year, although we will be sharing some incredible information and some inspiring stories from some of our clients – young women who you helped over the years. 

This year’s Event is one of the largest pro-life events of its kind in the State. It will be held on the following dates. The Banquet will be 6PM, March 20 at the Jaffa in Altoona – a $20/person donation is requested to pay for the meal. The Breakfast will be held on Saturday, March 21 at 9AM at the Downtown Holiday Inn in Johnstown – a $10/person donation is requested. Tickets may be obtained through some of our churches who have Precious Life liaisons in their congregation, or you can call any of the Precious Life offices. A free-will offering will be taken at each event.

The Banquet/Breakfast is the kick-off of our fundraising season. It is our best opportunity to share what God is doing, and how we are moving forward as a ministry. I hope that you can make time for this important inspirational and informative event.

You’re Invited! 

The Precious Life “On-Line” Baby Shower is still going on. The response has been tremendous. We have received gifts from all over the Country! A special “thank you” to all who helped make this possible. Our mommas and babies will greatly appreciate all these special gifts of love!

Help us continue to restock our baby supplies by visiting Precious Life’s Baby Registry on Amazon.

Your support is crucial to our efforts of providing a positive alternative to abortion!

Finishing the Task at Hand

Well brethren, the end is in sight! In 2016, the Gypsy Choir from Boldesti-Scaeni, conducted a Summer Concert Tour in order to raise money for the first Gypsy owned and operated Medical Clinic in Eastern Europe. 
To date, we have provided about $90,000 towards the building, and we are within $30,000 of completing the Dream. A dedication service is being planned for Sunday, June 28, with an entire weekend of celebratory events. 
This has been accomplished with very little money from the ministry of Precious Life (just $5,000.) Over 95% has been raised from outside of PL. But PL has provided an army of volunteer workers and prayer warriors for this project. THANK YOU for praying for this incredible dream. If you would like to contribute, you can do so by check (earmark “clinic”), through our website or via PayPal. This will be a pro-life facility, promoting abstinence and purity and providing quality care for the elderly who are often neglected in the State run health care system. So, from pre-birth through the end of life, compassion and the love of Christ will direct their services.

Looking Forward…

  • For those individuals or churches who are interested in volunteering – our two big summer events will be the Baby Bottle Campaign and our Food Concession Events.
  • Baby Bottle Campaign runs from Mother’s Day to Father’s day, but we need help with delivery, pick-up and counting.
  • The Food Festivals begin in late June and will run on various dates until mid October. Details for the show dates can be found on our “events” tab on our web site
  • Precious Life has a few apartments for rent.
    Altoona – a one bedroom available. 
    Johnstown – a one bedroom available. 814-944-2669